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  The Dream Beauty Wrap  is an all-mineral spa treatment that makes you Look firmer and feel smoother in just one hour!


           Did you know? 

  • For many years body wraps have been used by those who wished to beautify and sculpt their bodies. In ancient times, the Egyptians enjoyed slimming body wraps as well as aromatic, herb-infused compresses. Body wraps of that era consisted of papyrus leaves steeped in natural, detoxifying ingredients and applied warm to the skin. This rejuvenating body wrap gives an improved circulation, detoxification, and toning the skin for a youthful look.

  •  At Neema’s body wraps we offer the dream mineral beauty wrap which is our exclusive slimming, anti-aging mineral formula with the addition of soothing MSM. MSM is a natural form of organic compound that is found in the fluid of all living organisms. When MSM is embedded in your cell membranes, it keeps that structure flexible and prevents it from becoming hard and dry. This allows nutrients to be absorbed into the cells and waste to exit, which could otherwise cause inflammation.

  •  In the Dream Wrap, you'll be wrapped on your problem areas in porous elastic bandages that have been soaked in our soothing  serenity mineral solution with MSM. 
  • This product contains only 100% USP/NF-grade minerals manufactured in the US according to strict GMP standards.